FarCry Review (steam-PC)

Farcry – developed by German studio Crytek and published by Ubisoft on March 23, 2004.

Before I start I want to say this is my first game review… So more than likely it will suck…

far cry poster

Farcry, oh Farcry.

This game is FUCKING HARD. Seriously I walked into this game like a playful young butterfly just curiously flapping around to see what this FPS had to offer, clicked on normal game settings, picked up a gun shot a couple guys and bam.. dead..


I reloaded the last checkpoint, ran through some baddies, bang!.. dead.


Reloaded again, killed some mercs, BOOM.. dead.


Now I do want to point out that im a diehard Xbox fanatic and this is the first pc game I’ve ever played and the whole mouse keyboard set up was very disorienting at first for me. but still.. I died. a lot.

After an hour+ on the first level I beat it at normal settings but my god did I die a lot. So to great despair, I decided to… lower the difficulty setting to easy… Yes, shun me please, this is the first game (hopefully last) that I’ve ever had to make easier and I can honestly say I don’t think I would of beat the entire game if I hadn’t.

So that brings many things with it and difficulty is where I want to begin this review.

So is the game impossibly hard? no, absolutely not, I think I just sucked at the game. As I progressed through the game I found myself utilizing the weapons, health packs and armor and cover more than I have in any other shooter I have played and I got better after my first play through. Do I think I could beat it at normal with another go round? No. Hell no. Nor, would I want too sadly, but ill get to that later.


The gun play is simple and typical, the weapons as well only containing the basic set of rifles shotguns pistols and smgs.

So where does the difficulty come from? the AI. I must admit its smart for an 04′ release title, maybe too smart. They have nearly flawless aim and they’re strong, couple shots your dead strong. When the new enemies are introduced that can leap large distances and just slash you to death within seconds.. you feel underpowered and defenseless.

Now there is some cool transportation elements in the game, whether its a Humvee or a boat but nothing memorable happened with those elements besides frequent death.. Because of rocket strapped baddies.farcry1u


So where’s the positive?

Plot? Absolutely not, now its not cringe worthy because there simple is no sense of plot at all the main character spouts out some cheesy one liners from time to time but that’s about it. The entire objective of the game is to survive and escape the island, yeah some sci-fi elements are added but its so senseless and bare. hardly worth mentioning more.Farcryscrn1

So? what is the positive?

The positive is the graphical power of this game, considering when it was released of course, but damn it holds up. This game runs on some early cryware which is a beast of a game engine to this day, but what it allows is huge sandbox esque landscapes for each of the 20 levels.Far_Cry__1210200721143PM774

The game has length, at least 12 hours if your quick, which is long compared to todays shooters. It took me about 15 hours to beat it, not counting replay attempts after hundreds of deaths. Towards the last third of the game I found myself playing not for joy but out of frustration that it wouldn’t end. Nothing for me evolved the game further or pushed me to want to progress in the game. It was just another level, woo.. kill some more monsters yaaay.. The only thing pushing me was the fact I kept dying and it just got personal to the point where I had to finish the game.


So to wrap up the review.

Would I play this game again.. no I don’t think I would. The game to me serves as almost a tech demo of what cryengine was capable of, and where the Farcry franchise could evolve to (which it has extraordinarily).

I recommend this game to Farcry fans that would want to see the origins of their beloved series, or shooter fans looking for a challenge and a lengthy campaign But for the average Joe looking for a great game? I would skip.

What I would pay for it?- 5$ or less

Graphics/Design: The graphics stand the test of time, design wise everything was cliché and subpar.

Gameplay/Progression: solid gunplay, but simple and no sense of progression.

Sound/Score: The score was unmemorable, the sound effects were as well.

Story: There basically is no plot..

Replay value: I doubt ill play it again. nothing draws me in.

                                                         5/10   meh.

Thanks for reading please leave a comment below! (I know the review is sloppy :/ )



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