New Year goals 2015

1. Completely finish my 1st short story collection

2. Completely write 15 screenplays.

3. Direct 1 short film

4. Learn how to play any instrument (decently)

5. Record 1 EP

6. Begin developing 1 game

7. Start college again (decide what to study)

8. Write at least 25 game/movie/TV show/comic-manga/book reviews

9. Start a YouTube channel to accompany this blog

10. Finish an outline of fox-tail book 1

11. Be able to do 100 push-ups & sit-ups

12. Be able to run 1.5 miles in less than 10min

13. 25+ pull-ups & chin ups

14. Start a YouTube animation series

15. Learn the basics of Japanese.

well that’s my new year list two months late lol

I’ve been stupid busy lately :/



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