UPDATE on game reviews

HELLO. Yeah its been awhile again, I’ve been stupid busy with all kinds of stuff… Work, school, and yada yada… Anyways I am working on a couple game reviews and maybe some film reviews! I got steam on my computer and downloaded like a hundred games… Cause they were like 2 bucks each.. So ill be reviewing ALOT of those. It’ll be a long time till I do a Xbox one game review :/ cause I dont have it with me… But Im gonna do some game reviews for my windows phone which I think will be great considering there’s like nobody that does WP game reviews… Currently playing through far cry 1 (the original pc version on steam) and I got doom and destiny on WP (SO GOOD OMFG) so yeah those should be out first. If you have a WP download D&D RIGHT NOW especially if you have a thing for rpgs.



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